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Our Mission

Walkify is dedicated to greater quality of life through enhanced mobility. Mobility is the #1 reported physical challenge for all U.S. adults, particularly seniors.


Walkify introduces a new era of advanced walking assistance and brings long-awaited data analytics and safety services to mobility health - seamlessly and effortlessly. Our technologies are designed to help seniors walk more easily and reduce fall occurrence.

Multiple strategies for senior fall prevention are recommended by professionals, including exercises, sensory assessments, medication monitoring and physical therapy. While these are all positive steps, healthcare has lacked a practical technology to quantify and report mobility health and fall risk from home, especially in the mobility challenged.


No one solution can prevent all senior falls. It is possible, however, to reduce fall incidence through safer mobility aids, predictive analytics and, when called for, proactive interventions.


The Walkify platform is designed for all of these.

Why Walkify?

Mobility is central to independence. When mobility declines, seniors are at risk for falls, isolation and depression. Mobility loss is the #1 reason why seniors lose independence and have to leave home.


Today, seniors with mobility challenges are poorly served, with primitive passive walking aids that are very often the cause of a fall. These crude devices offer no data insights - even though they are in the best position to provide them. No mobility aids offer emergency alert services - an obvious market gap.


Walkify's ambient technologies effortlessly and transparently track mobility and activity, with nothing for the senior to wear, install or operate. Negative changes are alerted before they escalate. In case of emergency, there's a built-in cellular panic button with 2-way voice, for family or professional response.

Walkify's interoperable data easily ports into existing care software packages. Our machine-learning analytics can also ingest and analyze data from a broad ecosystem of wearables and connected devices.

Walkify is currently in development. For further information please contact us using the form below.

Why Walkify



Lewis Brown


Lew has 30 years of C-level leadership in technology operations, finance and business development, including multiple successful exits. As CEO of MiOS, an IoT SaaS platform, he grew the company from start-up to multimillion dollar revenue growth with over 110 employees, while leading partnerships and customer engagements with Tier 1 companies such as Telmex, Constellation Energy and Orange.


Ron Goldberg


A 25-year consumer electronics (CE) veteran and serial entrepreneur, Ron co-founded the web's first broad scale portal for CE e-commerce. A prior National Media Spokesperson for the Consumer Technology Association, Ron is a member of the CTA/EIC standards bodies for wearable tech, physical monitoring, mobile health applications, and artificial intelligence in healthcare.


Avi Rosenthal


Avi is a renowned IoT/connected systems industry expert with a 20 year track record of creating successful technology infrastructures. A former VP of Security & Control for Nortek, an industry leader in personal emergency response (PERS) systems, home automation and security devices, Avi brings C-level expertise to the design and implementation of systems for connected devices and environments.


John Stump

VP Engineering

John has over 23 years of award-winning innovation, product development and engineering, with particular focus on IoT connected medical devices and apps, as well as general consumer electronics and personal fitness equipment. John is the inventor/co-inventor of over 40 patents and applications. His experience enhances manufacturing processes that yield efficiencies and increase product quality.


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