Active Fall Reduction


Easier to walk.
Harder to fall.
Breakthrough data & analytics.


Walkify is the first and only platform for  aging-in-place that's focused on mobility, the #1 physical challenge for seniors.

Our solutions are designed to reduce falls, maintain healthy mobility and keep seniors safe and independent longer.

Analytics, coaching and cellular emergency services are integrated into breakthrough walking assistants, providing a new standard of care for end users and rich data intelligence for family and professional care teams.


Physical and digital assistance

Senior falls cause 3 million emergency room visits annually. They cost $67b per year and a senior's life every 20 minutes. One in four seniors uses a mobility aid -- our most at-risk population for falls.

Many senior falls could be prevented if we were able to see changes in mobility health before an accident.

The Walkify mobility platform combines transformative new walking assistance with data-driven opportunities for proactive interventions. Other platforms detect falls. We help prevent them.

  • Revolutionary Smart Mobility Aids

  • Precision Remote Gait Analytics

  • Tiered Cellular Emergency Services


Platform Highlights


Proactive Fall Prevention

Precision Biometrics

Mobility Assistance 2.0

  • Mobility health as a vital sign

  • Tracks changes too subtle to see

  • Alerts risks before they escalate

  • 12+ spatio-temporal measures

  • Machine-learning mobility score

  • Clinical visibility for gait integrity

  • Overcomes common fall hazards

  • Relieves cognitive, physical loads

  • Promotes balance & automaticity


Emergency Response

Gait & Balance Coaching

Scalable Platform

  • 4G cellular with 2-way voice

  • Tiered emergency response

  • Family or professional monitoring

  • Builds mobility, reduces fall risk

  • Sets healthy motivational goals

  • Helps maintain independence

  • Integrates with existing packages

  • Recognizes broad IoT ecosystem

  • Portable, interoperable data


Walkify Applications

Mobility is central to senior health and independence. Declines in mobility lead to physical and emotional deteriorations and ultimately, loss of independence.

Solutions for mobility assistance and fall prevention have not evolved to meet the needs of today's seniors and their care circles. Until Walkify.


For Family Caregivers

For Care Professionals

For Seniors & Others

  • Predictive pre-fall risk alerts

  • Mobility & activity trendlines

  • Proactive care opportunities

  • Effortless remote gait analysis

  • Measured progress, outcomes

  • Easy telehealth integration

  • Transformative walking assistance

  • Powerful emergency services

  • Gait and balance coaching